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1st May, 2016

Event theme: Thriving in Turmoil

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This year, TEDxLUMS has again taken the challenge to attract the most inspiring leaders from a spectrum of diverse fields and talk about “Thriving on Turmoil.” The event theme reflects the inherent contradictions that characterize Pakistan: political-nonpolitical, religious-secular, rich-poor, east-west, tradition-innovation. TEDxLUMS will demonstrate how the diversity will catalyzed cutting edge technology, world-class research, great works of art and ingenious social entrepreneurship. 

TEDxLUMS intends to celebrate these achievements with a view towards the challenges facing Pakistan and the subcontinent. The diversity of the speakers, the caliber of the audience, and the uniqueness of the venue will make it a truly remarkable event.

We are expecting participation from notable personalities such as Samina Baig, Raheela Zarmeen, Seema Aziz and Talat Hussain. Such diverse personalities and their views will create the right interface for innovative thinking and creation of ground breaking solutions.


TEDx, TEDxlums and LAhore

Internationally, TED is an annual nonprofit conference which seeks to introduce profound and evolutionary ideas into the world. The idea of TED took root in 1984, from where it spread all over the world into a viral phenomenon of “Ideas worth spreading”. TED was the abbreviation of “Technology, Entertainment, Design” and encompasses a diverse variety of exciting ideas related to these fields. These TED events, after gaining momentum, have hosted leaders, creators, thinkers and innovators in different fields. In under 18 minutes, the speakers have presented powerful notions about their work, and how it can impact societies.

TEDx was crafted to help geographically diverse organizers and institutions harness and host a TED-like conference at the local level, under the license of TED. TEDx conferences have been held in cities, communities, and campuses all around the world. The events have been organized in over 133 countries, as far away as Slovenia and some as close to home as Sialkot. Building on this tradition, the students of LUMS bring to you the first TEDxLUMS.

Founded in 1987, the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is now the bastion of education in the country. The university’s graduates go on to have successful careers in public office, politics, technology, business, and academia. The alumni network includes ministers, musicians, published authors and leaders. To that end, LUMS encourages a culture of dialogue and the synthesis of worthy ideas which makes it an ideal place for a TEDx event. With TEDxLUMS, the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) aimed to capture the creative minds of Pakistan and reward them with the spirit of TED, which gives rise to brilliant ideas. By conducting this event we created a unique experience for our local as well as international viewers and exhibit Pakistani culture and values in its full majestic beauty. For many online viewers this was a brief glimpse into what Pakistan really is and what its citizens have been able to accomplish. Organized by the LUMS Executive Entrepreneurship Society (LEEC) at LUMS, the event will continue to serve to build on the society’s vision of inspiring students to take the first step to create something of their own. The first event of its kind, the society strives to develop and nurture a culture where we believe dreams can become reality.


We believe passionately that ideas and actions hold the power to change the world. By combining the TED platform with the local energy and spirit, we are engendering a trend of persistence fostered innovation and collaboration that will enrich Pakistan and the world at large.








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Fiza Farhan
CEO, Buksh Foundation

Ms. Fiza is CEO of Buksh Foundation and director of Buksh Energy. She was also part of the ’30 under 30’ list by Forbes magazine for Social Entrepreneurs in 2015.

Badar Khushnood
Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

Mr. Badar is Pakistan Country Consultant for Twitter. He's a co-founder of Bramerz and has previously worked with Google and ASUS.

Yasir Iqbal
Rabab Player, Student

Yasir is a student of LUMS and a classical Rabab player best known for rekindling interest in the rabab.

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